Eow Links 9

Eow Links 9

What We Cannot See - A. Shipwright

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 9.

For more weekly links, head to The Seed of Worlds Shiny TTRPG link collection.

Give and Take Initiative

It's a simple idea: There are no rolls for initiative. First, the players are given a chance. Any one of them may come forward and try an action, such as attacking. When that player is done, the GM has a foe attempt an action. Then it goes back to the players.

I like those alternative initiative systems. I should start a collection page about them.

The Simplest RPG System Out of This World

So, for a character with STR 10, DEX 8, END 6, INT 11, EDU 9, and SOC 7, you would have: A86B97

Easy peasy. You have everything you need to play. No, seriously, that's it.

Taking Traveller and keeping the core, you're left with a micro RPG system. A fine summary exercise.

Castle of Mirrors (OSR/5e adventure mini-review)

the adventure has a great procedure to explore locations. Instead of detailed maps, it has a few scenes divided into smaller zones; to move between scenes, you make an exploration roll to see if you have an encounter or discover something useful. Additionally, the order of scenes is pretty intuitive; start with the gate, then the yard, etc.

A Runehammer adventure for 5e Hardcore Mode. I like the sample page presented, it seems the adventure is also a great example on how to structure/present such piece of information.

Reaction Rolls and Reputation (via shiny links #5)

As usual thinking about ability scores was keeping me awake at night, and—after yet again unsuccessfully trying to square the circle OF stupid ability score modifiers—I started thinking about reaction rolls. One may well assign the notion of ability score modifiers to the status of "only for the combat mini-game", but then you miss out on the UNADULTERATED POWER of having an 18 charisma character getting involved in this murky business

Cha cha cha.