Eow Links 23

Eow Links 23

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 23.

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I post every other day, so the EOW links fall on Saturday or Sunday. This is a Saturday EOW, it might be shorter than a Sunday EOW.

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Spell Lists Are Not Magical

If you believe that magic should be wild, unpredictable and strange, it is worth considering how you can change spell selection to accomplish that.

Keep the magic magical.

Be a Better Player: Play the Game at the Table

Good players are a treasure that GMs love to have in their game.

"Play the game at the table", right here, right now.

A take on Reaction Rolls and the Charisma modifier anomaly

The Basic/Expert rules are the system that keeps on giving.

You used to be an Adventurer like me?

Why are there so many dungeons everywhere, often within a relatively short walk from the nearest settlements?

All dungeons, no dragons.

Railroads are Puzzling

The game master is saying, “Sorry, that’s not the solution to the puzzle,” while attempting to give the illusion of choice by hiding it with a narrative device.

Pour en finir avec l’Apocalypse, épisode 1 – Introduction – Apocalypse à la vanille

Ce qui amène à la 3e définition : la définition populaire : un jeu PbTA, c’est un jeu qui a suffisamment de points communs avec les autres du mouvement.

Powered by the Apocalypse, Part 7: Q&A Round 2

Blorb is a disciplined, principled approach to old-school GMing. It emphasizes the reality of the game world, and provides fruitful constraints on the GM’s improvisation in play.

blorb-principles / instant blorb.

Stand the test of time - looking at UK gaming in 1987

This is a great photo of what was going on back in the day - for instance we see Traveller as a top 10 most played game.

I am surprised, people wanted more MERP articles.

The Starshut Rules

Feeling some nostalgia for Star Frontiers, I made a Landshut variant

Ah Star Frontiers! Here is a PDF to play it à la FKR. Inspired by the Landshut Rules.

Entropy as a Character-Generation Currency

In information theory, there's a concept of "surprisal" in the occurrence of an event, which roughly quantifies how surprising it is given the probability of its occurrence (also called self-information)

Using surprisal to determine unsurprising stat arrays, and more.


They all share the same rattling, teeth-clacking "speech".

No tympanic membrane.