Narration Principal

Narration Principal

Casus Belli #38 is available in PDF. I will not make a review/recap until I'll have received it in print. It sports a beautiful cover by Joann Sfar taken from his "Monstres" RPG.

My favourite articles in this publication are the interviews of various people who are gamers or were gamers, as they describe how TTRPGs impacted their lives (and why the world is taken over by them/us).

This issue of Casus Belli contains an article about a high school teacher, Sébastien Fajal, explaining how he used tabletop role-playing games in the various school he worked in, creating clubs or leading series of workshops.

At some point, he had to convince a high school principal. The man asked him to describe precisely what happened during a game session. The principal listened to the teacher carefully, then said:

But the term "role playing game" doesn't match what you are doing. For me, it is more an experience in collaborative narration.

Since then, the teacher, Sébastien, admits he reuses this elegant formulation whenever possible.