On The Road

On The Road

This is not an everyday carry post. It looks a bit like it, but it's more a travelday carry post. TDC?

I'll be on the road in the old country and I hope to play with family and old friends.

Hit the road Jack!

The rules used are homebrewed, so I could fit them in staple stitched booklets and I printed enough so that each player will have her or his copy.

For the next iteration, I'll make landscape oriented character sheets, they'll thus match the A5 booklets.

I'm taking Frost Ogres and Adventures. Not sure I'll play the first one, as it's a campaign, but I'm planning to run "Du Rififi à Maupertuis" from Adventures, it seems it's a convenient one shot. The books are in A5 format as well, but not saddle stitched, I hope the binding will hold.

I still have a bit of light work adapting the monsters to my ruleset, but it's merely computing the saves and the attack bonuses.


On Thu, 30 Sep 2021 09:22:11 -0500, Matt wrote:

very cool

What are/where do you get those measuring sticks from? They look nice and easy to use.

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On Fri Oct 1 20:45:08 2021 Z, Jehan replied:

Hello, I designed and 3d printed them myself. I wrote Thirty Fourty Sticks about them last year.

If you have access to a 3d printer feel free to print them. Here are the files:

Thanks and best regards.

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