Eow Links 44

Eow Links 44

"Eow" for End Of Week. TTRPG Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 44.

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Still on the road, between antigen tests and family dinners, I had to skip a whole two days of blog posts, hence the shorter list below. My favourite is "Arnesonian" play.

Campaign spin up III: session zero in action

First was the hook to pull things together. Bitter experience has shown that there needs to be a good match between the strength of the bonds holding the group together and the type of campaign being run or it turns into a mess.

What is Enough?

I’ve accepted that my purchase decisions are more about emotion and aesthetic than anything that makes logical sense.

On Ability Scores (Them Deeper Bones design diary 10)

This left me with Constitution. And it would have been weird to have one of the Ability Scores be just like the “old ones”, so I renamed it to Stamina, even if it effectively the same.

"Arnesonian" play

The common idea of "Arnesonian play" must therefore be a kind of myth.

Featured Artist: Rosaleen Norton

She referred to herself as a "witch" and used altered states of consciousness to make her art. She often called herself "Thorn", much like a craft name. But her friends all called her Roie.

Review - How to Make War By James F. Dunnigan

Nothing plays out worse than declaring a goal that cannot be obtained. Don't make threats, make promises.

On Emphyrio and Vance's Libertarianism

Those who have read their Tocqueville will recognise in Ambroy something akin to the dismal portrait he depicts of the fate of democracy.

Early Evolution of Encounter Text

But whoever was compositing the exact text in each case, at this point Gygax was comfortable, or felt it was a requirement, to produce adventures with very elaborate and extensive descriptive text for many or most encounter areas.