Fighting Fantasy Lure

Fighting Fantasy Lure

I have tried to lure my daughters away from Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Youtube with a Fighting Fantasy gamebook.

The 2005 print of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain I found is really nice, it's in the same format and paper that regular japanese novels use, the touch is a pleasure to the fingers. I wish I had books of that quality in my time. Back in 2005 it was ¥800, I got it second hand for ¥4500.

My youngest daughter (8) was interested and started reading, rolling her character and going through the rules section. I hadn't told her it was a solo adventure, she started then enrolling her mother into playing with her. She was then reading for the young girl, who had effectively turned the volume into an audio book.

After the first combat, my daughter decided to turn the "always winning" mode on and, directing her mother, quickly went through the adventure...

The next morning, I asked her if she had liked the book. She said it was fun. Her sister (10) then remarked that video games were better because you could go everywhere (you were not railroaded). I was happy to hear that, I was fearing they'd say "because the graphics are better".

Small win.