Of a White Dragon

Of a White Dragon

I'm dreaming of a White Dragon
Just like the ones I used to know

For Gin and Dragons #3 I had prepared a white dragon, a wyrmling of a white dragon.

I have this framework to model bodies and I pushed it to from its default humanoid mode to its dragon mode. The framework is a set of OpenSCAD modules. The combination text editor and OpenSCAD rendering window makes it easy for programmer like me to iterate towards something valuable.

As seen in the image of the model, I added column supports by myself as I couldn't get my slicer to behave with its automatic supports. The model appears in transparent red because I needed to keep track of the nodes inside of the envelopes.

On the right side, two prints of the dragon. It starts printing the base in black PLA then after a print break, white (pearl) PLA is used for the beast itself. It needs some polishing but it's good enough to scare the players.

The dragon was used in play, but not the miniature. The beast head emerged from the north sea and its breath froze a goat and a NPC, the wyrmling then swam away. The plague and life froze the campaign and the mini has since slept in a box. Too bad, I was looking forward having the baby dragon tower over the player characters and making them flee.

It's skinny and looks like a gargoyle, here is the STL file: wyrmling.stl