Eow Links 52

Eow Links 52

"Eow" for End Of Week. TTRPG Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 52.

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My favourite post this week is Alchemist Nocturne's Why OSR and its "game loop" point of view.

On Artpunk

We begin to see the problem. This is a movement originally based not on ideas, but on identitarianism, cliqueishness and hipsterism. (...) Artpunk is a movement of deliberate illiteracy.

The Temple of Hypnos (No ArtPunk #1)

Interactivity is great. It’s written as a location that exists aside from adventuring. Things are going on inside. It’s not written explicitly to expect the adventuring party.

Procedural content generation

There’s a port down by Deep Stream. The fishermen are disappearing and their wives are worried.

How Many Wizards?

A question to ask is how do the wizards in my setting use their magic? Is magic expensive? Reliable? Rare?

I Got My Philosophy

The superiority of sandbox-type play to the railroaded adventure path is, I think, found in its recognition that there is something more authentic about both DM and players exercising freedom - to arrange things as desired, and to pursue options within a broad scope of possibility, respectively.

Building a bubble around the table

I like stories, I like big mysteries, I like my players to puzzle things.

Review: The Kontext Spiel Collection

Even if you decide you hate the concept of light weight systems and d6s are a tool of the devil, the thick slice of random generators in this book are well worth having

Who's the New Guy Anyway? d20 Answers for OSR Games

The table is straight from Notable Novices and Notorious Newcomers, my third electronic/print-at-home zine for Old-School Essentials.

About Ominous Crypt of the Blood Moss

I like that "solving" the adventure has visible consequences for the village outside the dungeon, and the presentation is top notch, making it very easy to run.


how they are the only rpgs that care about procedural game generation. That is: you have a looping mechanic that keeps the game forward, by the chemical reaction of the PC's advancement rules (XP for gold) and the dungeon stocking chart (or hexcrawl generation chart). As long as you have this, there is a game going on.

Farewell OSR, Welcome NSR!

It was a DIY creative movement


The International Journal of Role-playing Issue 11 has arrived!