Beasts of Burden

Beasts of Burden

The order of march in this subterranean maze is as follow: a fighter goes forward scouting with a spear, he has given his bag to the other fighter behind, walking next to the spellcaster. The dabster of the group closes the progression, the large shield on his back.

The fighter in front is burden free and in their routine, this voltigeur is supposed to buy the whole group one or two rounds, so they can drop their loads and perform.

Most of the heavy stuff has been placed in a cache, secured by a magic lock — well, that's what the spellcaster promised, no one dared to test it. The leader of the pack forgot to ask the caster how to open the lock, something to do at the next rest.

The group decided on this burden-free front scout technique after a first disastrous combat, where all the fighters where pushed back by spear-wielding dwarven lizards and fell on their rucksacks, like turtles exposing their bellies to hits.

The caster saved the day by putting the pointy geckos to sleep, but he had to empty his whole bag to the floor to find the components of the spell. That lasted two rounds, they were fortunate that the floor was clean and level and that the caster had some lighting (coaching the caster into sorting his components and his kit was also one of the measures taken afterwards).

-2 when fighting with the rucksack on.