Genie out of the Table

Genie out of the Table

'Let us hope that he did not pay too dearly for his boldness,' said Legolas. 'Come! Let us go on! The thought of those merry young folks driven like cattle burns my heart.'

The Genie is out of the table, there is no need to care for where the Wizards of the Coasts are heading. The Genie escaped long ago.

Each new player is, in the long term, a potential new player for a role-playing game out of the zone of control of the Coast.

Each table is anyway its own instance of the experience, slightly or wildly differing from the coastal dogma. Or are DnD Beyond and the various online helpers a threat to customary balkanization?

The automation is probably allowing players to force choices on their gamemasters. Is the sacerdoce of those masters enhanced or wrecked by the helpers? They allow more complexity, with the hope that this complexity comes with support. Does that still fit within the head of the master, or does that frees some of it for the worldbuilding, although a tainted one?

Is there a journey from the coastal grazing fields to greener, simpler, fields? Do those fields appear greener? Do those fields appear at all?

Each time a group sits at the table and the experience is run, the Genie escapes.