Grind Speed

Grind Speed

"Grind Speed" is what I came up while on the phone with Gary (not Gygax). He wants to lead a campaign using our local B/X and more inspired rules. Inner jubilation — "forever GM" curse might be lifted.

Gary asked me to help him "stat" some miniatures he has prepared, especially he asked about hit points. I was tempted to answer "Just Use Bears", but it's probably advice for a seasoned, post-renaissance, referee.

Our friend probably wants to have some flavour in the stats he assigns to the opposition he's assembling, because he painted the miniatures for it. Using bear stats could dampen his motivation.

What I wanted to convey with "Grind Speed" is a way to determine how fast a side collapses, by comparing number of attacks, average damage, and hit points. You know the drill.

One thing I want him to be aware of are Reaction and Morale rolls. Reaction rolls might prevent fights, and morale rolls might shorten combats, but the referee shouldn't forget them.

I am going to give him those hints, and then tell him that he cannot fail, that we are going to have fun, and that I can help him with the management of the combats, to free his head. I am looking forward to see what he comes up with and I am sure he will teach me a trick or two.