Exhaustion Gauge

Exhaustion Gauge

We're getting ready to play in person again here. Since I am exploring exhaustion levels, I wanted to have a way of tracking those levels.

I have a lot of hex infrastructure, and this mix of magnets and hexes is enticing, let's use them for everything and anything! I went for a protoype.

I printed a gray cluster of six hexes and a single orange hex, for contrast. I wrote the six EL with their malus/constraint. The empty hexagon on the left is for the "fresh" and the "dead" exhaustion levels. The orange hex is the hand of the gauge.

I'll probably let the players draw their arrow symbol on their orange hex, for personalization. I could even let a gifted player do the hexflower decoration for maximum effect.

That makes me want to print hexes for hit points and cast points, of course they'd sport magnets and the whole would click together nicely.

I think it might be a good way to track those exhaustion level in a way that is visible to all around the table and that puts a good amount of spotlight to this resource management point. We'll see how it turns out tonight, at the table.