Assault Warcry

Assault Warcry

"Should we play Warcry or can we play one or two skirmishes with the RPG rules?"

That was the question. We had this idea of running through a fight or two to oil the engine, or to play Warcry. Since Gary plans to master a campaign, the obvious choice is to train for running segments of a TTRPG session.

The lack of hope in Warcry and in most Warhammer products made me want to avoid. It's perhaps also the "fight as sport", the gladiator feeling in those skirmish games.

Gary has spent lot of time printing/acquiring miniatures and terrain. He arrived and set up the ruins of a temple, gave me two miniatures and gave me the context. The two characters I had rolled the night before would have to raid the lair of two flying beasts.

The first assault failed miserably, the two griffins chased my characters away. We couldn't hit them with arrows while they closed in, and then they were on our heads and wounding us. That was pure skirmish, but with a context, and it was fun.

The second assaut led to a bit of role-playing. A man, heavily armoured, seemed to be waiting for us before the lair. He briefed us on what was inside the lair, warned us that the flying beasts were led by a master, and that he was hoping to recover the treasure amassed by the man inside and his birds.

We made a deal with the guy and agreed to go first and pin the birds, then, hopefully, we could deal with their owner in a last assaut.

Gary had decided that my two characters were too weak to attack his trio and gave me some help. It was fun coordinating with the warrior. Gary hadn't mastered in around twenty years but, since he is a teacher, it came back naturally to him and I appreciated his maestria. He proceeded with caution, adding a character slightly stronger than the ones in the adventuring party. Gary carefully tilted the balance in favour of the characters, and we won: the lair was raided successfully and we had good fun.

Thanks to Gary for giving me the opportunity to be a player again, for the solid refereeing work, and for the gorgeous miniatures and terrain.