Status Cluster

Status Cluster

Plastic and magnets. I built on the exhaustion gauge I prepared before, adding tokens for hit points, (spell)casting points, ammunition, and food supply.

It all sticks and stacks together. Players can quickly appraise their situation. a ferrous container on the table will make a nice target for the throwing of counters as they get lost or consumed.

The first batch of hit points counters has sunken hearts, for the second batch, I'll do the same as for the other counters and have the hearts go through its hexagon.

I hope it will be an improvement on the previous tokens used that were similar to poker tokens. Their stacks were constantly destroyed by the movements and the character sheet shuffling, and our table is not that big.

I printed the food supply / iron ration counters in two colours. The second colour could be used for supply for the (pack) horses or other pets. I previously had various counters for javelins, arrows, bolts, etc. For now, a generic "arrow" will do.

Maybe torches / illumination could benefit from such a system. Not sure yet.

That will get used next Friday. Wish us luck for our new campaign!