Dragon Dream

Dragon Dream

The world is at once new and old. It is the dream of a dragon. The worlds are multiple, they are the dreams of multiple dragons.

There are tears in dreams, rips from which one can leave a dream and end up in another dream. It is one way, you cannot go back, and that makes you a journeyer. You are elsewhere and you now understand the only way is forward.

When dreams turn to nightmare, the dragons may suddenly wake up. We're at the beginning of the third age, the dragons woke up already twice and just got back to sleep. The world is thus new, but there are echoes of the past ages.

A dream is a continuous creation, it ends and is destroyed when the dreamer wakes up.

Some journeyers are high-dreamers, they are aware they're in a dream and the flow of the dream may be redirected. High-dreamers whisper in the ear of the greatest dreamers of all, the dragons.

The role-playing game wrapping this setting is named Rêve de Dragon, in English it has been translated as Rêve: the Dream Ouroboros.

I was a player, a journeyer, in one of those dreams, it must have been 1989, I was a much better dreamer in those days. I am reading the rules, there is a certain elegance in them, but the aim of the author, Denis Gerfaud, to limit the power of the "dream wardens" by providing extensive rules (not rulings), needs some getting used to.

Later on, I want to explore the magic system. It has this "midlands" concept, between the lowlands where the dream is staged and the highlands where the dreams are dreamt. Casting a spell is a mini game, akin to a hexcrawl.

We game masters are constantly foraging for mood and inspiration, rules and systems, ... Bear with us.


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