"Gamification" was somehow trendy a few years back. Use gamification to make work feel like a sum of small achievements, use gamification to make success measurable and commendable, use gamification to leverage competition among workers eyeing each other's gauge levels.

What about "playification"? Allowing free exploration, allowing small errors and their learning benefits? I stop here, I won't serve you a word soup about innovation.

Game the workers, play the managers.

Upon discovering role-playing games, the not-only tactical infinity was intoxicating, as well as was the realization of the power of the virtual engine of our imaginations. This was no small game.

Some gaming makes the infinity easier to deal with, increment by increment, but playing encompasses it all. Bottom up wears and tears and the game rules have to be remade to follow what the transgression at the heart of play points at. Top down play, shallow enough to keep fluid.

Game the job, play the escape.