Scythe and Hammer

Scythe and Hammer

We had a great time playing Scythe. The game had been sitting on my shelf since, well, before the plague. Why such disuse? I had trouble finding players at that time, and then I forgot about it. Too bad, it is a great game.

So on Friday, we had decided to play Warcry. Unfortunately, Gary, who owns the game, was forced to cancel, because of post-booster fever. We were still three available for game night, I then remembered of Scythe.

Me: No Warcry since Gary cannot make it. I will bring Scythe.
Matt: This sounds ominous.

I hesitated making a Pelosi joke, but then it's Sickle and Hammer, not Scythe and Hammer...

Scythe time! How could I have forgotten it?

I started watching a how-to-play video while walking the dog and soon Matt chatted: "Eclipse meets Agricola ??", he had been watching two videos and was interested in playing. Time to cart the diesel cans towards the mechs...

Alternate history Eastern Europe, Malachi chose Scandinavia, I decided to draw randomly and Polonia was mine, Matt chose the Khanate of Crimea. We also made sure to leave one empty start base between each of our start bases.

What I love about Scythe:

Are there things I don't like? More like gotchas:

Matt won easily, but every one of us wanted to play again, that speaks a lot in favour of this board game.

Maybe we should have role-played it a bit more, each faction has a particular flavour. At only one point in the game did we use the game's license to barter: the Khanate purchased a bonus popularity point for 1 coin. Unfortunately, the Eastern Europe and the factions in Scythe are somehow present in our actuality.