Casus Belli 41

Casus Belli 41

Casus Belli, is the main French TTRPG magazine. It started in 1980 and its current iteration is the fourth one. This publication is a reference point for me, it's now a bit "faded" in this world of blogs and micro-blogging, but it's not bad to have tracks with a slower tempo.

This is about issue #41, for Fall 2022.

The scenarii included are:

The magazine contains lots of reviews of games, books, and comics, but the one that stood out for me was that of Aquelarre, a 90's Spanish RPG centered on Spain between 1301 and 1500 replete with sorcery and demonic creatures. The 3rd edition of the game looks gorgeous. It's based on Chaosium BRP but goes further. There are many supplements for this game, I wonder if it's played in Latin America as well.

There is a 22 pages description of a wonderful mini-world. It's set on the back, the shell, of a tarasque. It's divided in 13 valleys and the beast always point its head towards the sun...

It's based on a novel by Ukko and it's illustrated by Mathilde Marlot. I love her work.

Thirteen valleys means thirteen populations and at least as many NPCs. It is intriguing, I am looking forward to sit on my Ikea reading tool and study this.

It's bad but maybe I won't read the novel and try to use the location only as found in the magazine. Sometimes, you read the novels and they set the bridle on you.

Finally, there is the chapter 3 of this report by a junior high school teacher describing how he built and runs a TTRPG club in his school. I find myself reading this piece religiously.

The main learning found in this chapter 3 is the author admitting that the member of his club do not share his rolist profile at the same age. Most of the players there are women and the favourite games are slasher games, not medieval fantasy, nor science-fiction.

When a game master described to the junior high players a runner plugging into a machine, the young people asked: "Why should they plug into a machine to look for information? They don't have Alexa?"