3d6 2d10 1d20

3d6 2d10 1d20

Resolving with a d20 against a DC (Difficulty Class), AC (Armor Class), or TN (Target Number) is a bit flat.

How about granting 3d6 or 2d10 instead? If it's routine, grant 3d6, if the character tries to go beyond her or his limit, grant 1d20. A d20 might give a 1 or a 20 (critical failure or critical success), 3d6 yields neither 1 nor 20, safe from failure and grandeur.

I have included 2d10 as well. It might be easier for some addition challenged players. It yields no 1 but may yield 20, and it's less "successful" than 3d6 when the target number is 9 or below.

There are the numbers for Advantage and Disadvantage. For 3d6, I let roll 4d6 and take the 3 best (or the 3 worst). For 2d10, roll 3, take 2.

It might be interesting to go with 9 possibilites (3d6 | 2d10 | 1d20 ) × (disadvantage | plain | advantage). What is granted by the referee? What is selected by the player?