Supernova Slayer

Supernova Slayer

On Sunday morning, I went to see the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie with the girls. It was nice.

The demon attacking the heroes via their dreams reminded me of Terror Australis, which I mastered a bit in 88 or 89. That Cthulhu setting featured aboriginal "Dreamtime" that you could roleplay through. I need to find my copy back.

This week, Dan Carlin released Supernova in the East V. The Supernova is Japan at the beginning of last century. Demon Slayer is set in the Taishō Era, when the nova was nascent.

To slay a demon, you have to use a nichirin blade and cut the demon's head. Supernova also evokes decapitations, but of prisoners of war.

The movie's underboss has weaved itself into the steam locomotive, fortunately our heroes are successful at slaying it before the train enters another tunnel.

Lots of demons to slay. Demons need shrines dedicated to them, they are not to be forgotten.