Eow Links 1

Eow Links 1

on ArtStation, A. Shipwright

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 1, I plan to post in this way once a week on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

A fascinating retelling of a four hour DungeonWorld session. The players were a freewheeling group of ten years old (and the father of one of them). The gamemaster gave them free rein and wonders ensued.

In the end I decided to let myself be surprised by starting from scratch, asking questions and building on the answers.

Sometimes RSS feeds throw out posts of the past, and this is one of them. I felt lucky.

We at la Maison Mushmen wanted to bring you a snapshot of our gaming culture, bound into the venerable codex form. A colourful brick of old-timey fun. This first issue is a bet: a bet on your interest in owning content you may have read before, collected in this dense volume for posterity and for prep sessions

I am tempted to ignore at first any article that has a numeral in the title, "12 this or that", or "encounter". OSR random table overload. Fortunately there are articles that remain after that filtering and they look very good. Reading on.

a tabletop roleplaying game about a small, fictional nation in the mid 20th century, undergoing a civil war. The player characters are fighters, propagandists or bystanders, pledged to a faction or acting as free agents amidst the swirl of revolution. It’s a game of difficult journeys, raids, prison breaks, mercenaries working for mining conglomerates, captured radio transmitters, code books, Soviet and CIA minders, hiding in crates while you go through a checkpoint, stealing a train, sniffer dogs barking along the bank of a river, flight into the mountains by the light of a rising sun.

Please stop using the Product Identity clause to lock down your mechanics, new spells, feats, etc. It telegraphs to me that your contributions come with some kind of “strings attached”. Maybe you want to “protect” your cool idea, but want the ready made market of a larger ecosystem? I don’t know, but it smells fishy.

Carefully bookmarked that one.