Eow Links 2

Eow Links 2

on ArtStation, A. Shipwright

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 2.

I was pointed at Wolves of God by the kind people on The Adventuring Party discord server.

I have acquired the game as a piece of documentation for my AD 890 Northumbrian campaign. I did a first diagonal pass through it in PDF, but wasn't hooked. I have however received it in paper form and I am pleasantly hooked this time. Digging...

It's moving towards a D&D singularity where every character is essentially the same: a furry, battle-ready spellcaster that can do almost everything, that has little or no flavor beyond the eight-page backstory that its players bring to the table.

Nicely said.

One of the players kept informing the others about why he was acting like a jerk instead of simply acting like a jerk, it was a bit puzzling, the guy seems to be an actual comedian. Got me also thinking about roleplaying groups with formal hierarchies versus roleplaying groups where charisma sets the hierarchy.

time pressure, time to think