Eow Links 3

Eow Links 3

Real Medieval Life for RPGs

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 3.

I downloaded it as soon as it hit and started reading it yesterday evening. It looks excellent.

The Medieval PDF itself is about Armour and Weaponry. There are four add-ons, The Marketplace, Fantasy Europe, Ithura and Porthaven, and Orbis Mundi, I haven't had the time to look even diagonally at those, I am stuck (in the good sense) on the Armour and Weaponry dossier.

You go landscape from portrait and the grass looks greener. Some masters have landscape panels for their screens, but usually players have portrait character sheets (well, they have them foisted on them). Although with iPads and digital character sheets, landscape reigns.

I'll try landscape for the next character sheet I create. Our character sheets slide under our plywood battlemat, landscape with the main information at the bottom might shine for us.

For instance, 90 feet becomes 90ft_27m_18sq_ttt, "27 meters" talks to me (metric person), "18 squares" may be applied to the battlemat, as well as "ttt" (three 30ft sticks), I prefer lining up three sticks, it's faster than counting up to 18.

Joining these three rules together we come to this:

A character with darkvision has -5 to passive Perception checks while within darkness

Well worth two reads.