Eow Links 5

Eow Links 5

A. Shipwright

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 5.

Why Vancian is Better Than Spell Points

So all of these systems used points is my point. What is the problem I've noticed time and again? You are extremely incentivized to cast the same spells each combat. It was really bad in WHFRP. Once I learned Lightning Bolt, I would try to cast it each round. We could point out here that RAW material components would have ameliorated the problem, but like most groups we ditched those rules.

Variable Difficulty, or how I learned to love the X-in-6

I find the small range of results on a d6 much easier to mentally filter into probabilities – a GM is less likely to waver between target numbers compared to the 5% increments on a d20 – while still allowing there to be a significant variety of challenge difficulties.

Character Creation: Stars Without Number (revised edition)

Stars Without Number doesn't feel lightweight when you read it, but after creating this character I believe I could jump right in.

Interview with W.H. Arthur, RPG Designer/Maker

While we agreed that online games were more tiring than face-to-face encounters, Arthur hit the nail on the head when he noted that there’s been an accompanying decline in small talk and the quality of social relationships that are established by such games.