Eow Links 6

Eow Links 6

Art and Arcana

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 6.

Art & Arcana

I am reading it right now. Slowly, at coffee time. I especially love when they show the "evilution" of the representation of a given monster over the editions and the various illustrators.

There is a whole double page about the third edition dragons, how they had a realistic musculature, and feel so definitive.

The subtitle "A Visual History" is spot on.

Review: Knock! #1

Third the book could stand as a crowd-sourced DMs Guide - here are the lessons learned of a community that has played the game hard and smashed into walls so you don't have to. I would argue that many of these articles would be well at home in any future core book for games; demonstrating how the game is played and sharing wisdom on how to have a better time at the table (p144 - Just Use Bears should be etched into brass sheets and issued as bookmarks for core books).

Shiny TTRPG Links Collection

The third link goes to Xaosseed again, he started a weekly recap of the good things he came across. (I love the You don't have to be fancy to play D&D link)

What's a Hex Flower Game Engines anyway?

Basically, in a HFGE the next random event is guided by the last event (AKA this is the ‘memory’). This can lead to continuity in the random events (think transitioning weather). Navigation rules can also be used to skew the events in a preferred direction (e.g. towards mild weather) but still allowing for some chaos in the system (e.g. a sudden thunderstorm).

That is giving me ideas. Since I have two mini A4 magnetic whiteboards behind my custom gamemaster screen, I could build such "hex flowers" easily and move magnets on them. Clocks too.

A Review of 'The Colour Revolution' by Regina Lee Blaszczyk

Wine dark sea.

Chronotopes: Time and Space in Literature

the depiction of temporal and spatial progression on the page

Our page is a stage, the stage of the theater of the mind.