Creatures And Opposition

Creatures And Opposition

Héros et Dragons is a french adaptation of the 5th edition SRD. If I understood correctly its story, it was (kick)started because the Wizards said something like "We will not translate 5th edition to French". Black Book Editions jumped on the occasion and created Heroes and Dragons.

It's a beautiful realisation. There is a rulebook (player handbook), a gamemaster handbook, featuring a setting named Alarian, and a monster manual named "Créatures et Oppositions".

Later on they added a setting book, a campaign book, and a scenario compilation book. All of excellent quality. They translated the Tome of Beasts of Kobold Press as well, with a Heroes and Dragons dress.

The first impressions were around May 2018, the second around January 2020.

On the 2nd of February, an announcement appeared on Black Book's website, saying (my translation):

A dispute arose between Wizards of the Coast, Battlefront, and Black Book Editions regarding the "Héros et Dragons" product line.

Without acknowledgment of fault, but with the aim of avoiding litigation, the parties reached a satisfactory business resolution of the dispute.

Black Book Editions will discontinue the "Héros et Dragons" product line on February 9, 2021 (digital book sales), and February 28, 2021 (physical product sales).

The parties will not communicate further on the subject, beyond this press release.

Black Book Editions warmly thanks the authors, illustrators, early supporters as well as newcomers who have trusted them, and all the people associated directly and indirectly with the project.

See you soon to face new adventures together!

When I got back into role-playing last year, I re-entered via Heroes and Dragons and its PDF offering. Since the product line is begin killed, I ordered a physical copy of "Créatures et Oppositions". Those monster manuals are entrancing. This one is glorious, see the blue dragon above. Another treasure of inspiration on my shelf.

Many people are unhappy about this sudden volte-face. The Wizards had changed their mind and a french translation is alive and well, they seemed not to mind Heroes and Dragons, I have the impression that many people complemented their Heroes and Dragons triptych with Volo and Xanathar tomes, were heroes eating dragons? Fog of confusion?

This is too bad. Kudos to the Heroes and Dragons, your work will live on in our games.