Eow Links 8

Eow Links 8

from The One Ring 2ed Kickstarter

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 8.

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Random Social Interaction Hex Flower Generator

Background: I’ve been interested in making a random social interaction generator for a little while, perhaps part of a random mystery generator.

Sum of first and second d6 tells the nature of NPC interaction, 7 is "watches, or spies on".

I am intrigued by those hex flowers. I am thinking about having two or three hex flowers behind my ref screen, not so fancy, but for tracking time, tracking some interactions, not sure yet.

Review: Beyond the Wall

I recently re-discovered this lovely post about the 1937 Hobbit book as a RPG setting, luckily for us the author has continued to write about this Wilderlands setting and mentions that they use the Beyond the Wall system to run their games.


All of the "crunch" of other systems (...) are extremely and elegantly condensed. There are only three classes: the warrior, the rogue, and the mage. Every character concept can be expressed through those classes and different ways of mixing and matching of class features for multiclass characters. If you want to play a barbarian you can customize the warrior to be a barbarian.


At the end of the adventure the consensus was that it was a pretty fun game.

I am attracted to games where the classes are few. At our table, there are only fighters, experts, and weavers. The rest is just variations.

The adventure will polish and reveal the individual stone you are and the arrangements of stones that your party is.

On Game Balance

The better thing to focus on is: Are we setting ourselves up for fun? Are we all having fun? Do each of us feel we have fair and mostly equal opportunities to engage in the game? That our characters can bring about meaningful change to the fiction?


For me, I don’t worry about balance and instead focus on “Are we having fun in the moment and do we reminisce fondly about the games we’ve played?”

I want a sticker for, again, the back of my ref screen. I would say "remember, it's supposed to be fun" or "remember, they should have fun". Maybe the second slogan is better, being a referee is a "sacerdoce" (a vocation).

100% True Story

It was 1984, I was 13. I had a crush on my math teacher, Mrs. Kendall.


When I relayed the story of Beano to Mrs. Kendall she smiled, nodded, and said "Ten foot pole could have found the pit trap."

Those "how I got into roleplaying games" stories are a pleasure to read.

Across the Editions - The Reaction Table

The idea of how the Reaction Table should function has not been consistent across D&D editions; I'm going to take a look at the differences, with the hope of drawing some useful lessons for my own efforts.

The Mentzer Reaction Table on the left, the Holmes/Moldvay one on the right, I use the one closest to me at reaction time.

Wolves of God uses the Holmes/Moldvay table, so it must be good.

Whatever the table, as long as the reaction makes sense and doesn't take an internet connection and a pack of beer to be decided.

Add the CHA modifier if it should apply.