Battlemat Takeover Anecdote

Battlemat Takeover Anecdote

The battlemat was on the table, I was holding a black dry-erase marker and my daughters each had a miniature. "There is an entrance to a cave..."

"No, leave it to us" and my daughters started the requisition of the miniature box (PLA warriors and goblins) and all the markers and they went on world building. A game master was not needed.

I was allowed at the table as a creator, I had the blue marker, so I started drawing a river, and then with the help of the eraser and the black marker, two or three bridges appeared.

Daughters had negotiated the miniature colors and drawn barracks for them, the goblins had their house and next to it was the hall for the housekarls.

Once the world had occupied the totality of the battlemat and the miniatures had found their home, a new stage of gaming occurred. When the world was being built it was declarative, "the sleeping room for those red guys is here", in the new stage, probably where the sub worlds had grown enough to start touching, the game became a negociation, maybe like a game of Go, where borders are negotiated, but without the invasion processes.

Stories started being told. Game mastering reappeared, one daughter telling to the other "and then you say this", the other complied, until she could take over and dictate the story.