Nordiska Väsen

Nordiska Väsen

In End of Week Links 20 I linked to Vaesen: Deep Dive and there, there is a link to Nordiska Väsen by Johan Egerkrans. I couldn't resist.

Maybe Herr Mannelig as the soundtrack...

More commonly, however, she appears in the guise of a very beautiful woman. But there is always something not quite right about her, however fair she may look. her skin can have a greenish glow and her back can be covered with bark, or hollowed-out like a decaying tree trunk. At other times she has a tail or the hooves of a goat.

It is a beautiful book, it presents thirty creatures from the scandinavian folklore and feels immediately usable as a bestiary. The final wyrm is my favourite, there is an explanation on how to turn it to ashes, it seems very difficult and could make for a great adventure.

Of course, there is overlap with Trudvang, and it's interesting to learn that Johan Egerkrans worked for Riotminds on their refit of Drakar och Demoner.

The scandinavian RPG editors sure know how to do their artillery preparations. Wonderful illustrations for immediate immersion. Trudvang, Symbaroum, Tales from the Loop.

Johan Egerkrans has another book in the same collection, Norse Gods, it too looks outstanding. I made his Freja my phone wallpaper. I am looking forward going slowly over all the illustrations and the text.

Johan Egerkrans artstation instagram @Grimfrost