Wog Treasures and Hoards

Wog Treasures and Hoards

þrymsa coins

Novice heroes begin with no coinage. Shillings are usually mere units of account, and actual coins are more trophies and art objects than currency.

(Brother Cornix, Wolves of God, page 41)

I automated the treasure/hoard generation tables of Wolves of God, I was tired of the multiple rolls when preparing my sessions.

It's available under https://weaver.skepti.ch/others/wog_treasures.html.

There are 14 text files re-rolled every three minutes there. One file for each level of wealth, from the humble ceorl to the treasury of a lost roman city. The very first of the file lists three items from the Petty Goods table.

Here is an example output:

8 - Plunder Kept in a Bandit Lair - 720s (12L)

Type     F Item                          Count      Value     Total
common   r Wool cloth roll                   5        30d     37s2d
common   r Carved furniture                  1         5d      1s1d
common   r Wool cloth roll                   1        30d      7s2d
common   u Tin ingots                        1         8d      2s
rich       Gold ingot                        3     1,200d  15L
rich       Roman housewares                 11        80d   3L40s
jewelry    Brooch, Gold, Intricate           1    4L        4L
jewelry    Torc, Silver, Simple              1    1L30s     1L30s
jewelry  c Brooch, Copper, Gemmed            1      20s       20s
jewelry  c Bracelet, Copper, Engraved        1      15s       15s
jewelry  c Chain, Copper, Large              1       7s2d      7s2d

Jewelry                                                     6L12s2d

.                                                          25L40s3d
.                                                          1,540s3d
.                                                            6,163d

u: rusts, c: corrodes, p: perishes, d: dies, r: rots
1L = 60s / 1s = 4d / 1L = 240d

I added flags (rust, corrodes, perishes, dies, rots) to the output. I think it is relevant for hoards that were forgotten. They should help adjust the output to the setting and circumstances.

The 13 hoards are also rolled as CSV files and available right next to their plain text counterparts.

There is a Jewelry subtotal, I thought it necessary since it concerns items that are easily pocketable. Speaking of totals, if the players have a level in the skill Gift (Trade) I give them the totals, else I give them only the left part, item descriptions and counts. Good luck carrying back and trading some of those items.

Regarding magical items, I blank out value and power. Again, good luck finding out what it really is, there is no user manual and characters don't know what they don't know.

The Empire was long gone but people were still valueing items and services along the Liber/Solidus/Denarius lines. By the way, David Graeber's Debt: The First 500 Years is a must read.

Although hard currency was no longer used in everyday life, its use as a unit of account and credit continued in medieval Europe. Graeber insists that people in the Middle Ages in Europe continued to use the concept of money, even though they no longer had the physical symbols.

Speaking of value system, here are two hints, wergild and some prices:

A ceorl’s wergild is 200 shillings, or the price of 40 cows. It might take ten common families to afford such a man’s life.

(Wolves of God, page 118)

Cow           20d
Goat           2d
Horse        120d
Ox, Trained   30d
Pig           10d
Sheep          5d

Common food, 3 meals  1d
Good bread, 2 pounds  1d
Hard bread, 4 pounds  1d
Mead, 1 gallon        4d
Salt, 1 pound         2d

Other Wikipedia articles gleaned along the way:

The generated outputs:

WOG Treasures