The Lost Bay

The Lost Bay

The lost bay is a fictional place but it's also the place where I grew up, or at least it is very much inspired by it. I call it "lost" because I was involuntarily and abruptly severed from it as I was just getting out of my teenage years. We were in 1993. I had to pack my stuff in less than 48hours. My whole family left and I followed. We moved abroad. I waited 15 years before I could go back to the bay. I had become an adult then, and it was work that took me back to my homeworld.

Going Home (2021-02-18)

I think I found the Lost Bay via the RPG Podcast Planet, there were only three episodes at this point, but they shined. A clean jingle, highlights of the conversation up front, and intriguing guests.

Iko, the host, has a distinctive voice, with a french accent and that is pleasant because you can easily distinguish between the guest and the host. The pace feels good, the questions start the guest on their train of thought, and Iko steps aside to let the answers flow and flower.

The Lost Bay Podcast is a show on and with indie tabletop RPG creators and what's behind their creative processes

That's a high quality podcast, it seems it stems from that trip back to this lost bay, and it first was explored through Tales From the Loop, but Iko slowly went OSR, he wanted less narration, more exploration, and more d66 tables to re-generate the lost place.

In Do we need backstories?, Iko seems hesitating between backstories from narration and those necessary for exploration, and that puts in perspective some of the questions to Ben Milton, Chris McDowell, and Yochai Gal. "Backstory as a scar".

I am looking forward to both podcasts and posts from The Lost Bay.