Gin and Dragons #3

Gin and Dragons #3

In the previous session (Gin and Dragons #2), the adventuring party confronted some cold spraying creature emerging from the sea, they started making plans to capture it...

Corona was not kind with our scheduling attempts, Gin and Dragons 2 had taken place at end of April and this #3 took place mid-July...

Brigid and Gerald tried to gather more information on the beast in the following days. They met again the boy tending the herds and he told them that there were no new attacks. They went on rounding the goat island and, from its southern tip, saw the slavers' longship heading away. They also noticed that the farm on the next island, the place where they had escaped the slavers, still seemed occupied. They walked back to the north of the island and crossed back in their coracles to Brother Fintan's hermitage.

Date    Sunrise    Sunset      Duration     Moon

June 17 ↗ 02:21:17 ↘ 21:38:43  ↦ 19h17m26s  08:53 New
June 18 ↗ 02:20:54 ↘ 21:39:06  ↦ 19h18m13s
June 19 ↗ 02:20:37 ↘ 21:39:23  ↦ 19h18m47s
June 20 ↗ 02:20:26 ↘ 21:39:34  ↦ 19h19m08s
June 21 ↗ 02:20:22 ↘ 21:39:38  ↦ 19h19m17s
June 22 ↗ 02:20:23 ↘ 21:39:37  ↦ 19h19m14s
June 23 ↗ 02:20:31 ↘ 21:39:29  ↦ 19h18m58s
June 24 ↗ 02:20:45 ↘ 21:39:15  ↦ 19h18m30s  08:43 First Quarter
June 25 ↗ 02:21:06 ↘ 21:38:54  ↦ 19h17m49s
June 26 ↗ 02:21:32 ↘ 21:38:28  ↦ 19h16m57s
June 27 ↗ 02:22:04 ↘ 21:37:56  ↦ 19h15m52s
June 28 ↗ 02:22:43 ↘ 21:37:17  ↦ 19h14m35s
June 29 ↗ 02:23:27 ↘ 21:36:33  ↦ 19h13m06s
June 30 ↗ 02:24:17 ↘ 21:35:43  ↦ 19h11m27s
July 01 ↗ 02:25:13 ↘ 21:34:47  ↦ 19h09m35s  06:36 Full, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
July 02 ↗ 02:26:14 ↘ 21:33:46  ↦ 19h07m33s
July 03 ↗ 02:27:20 ↘ 21:32:40  ↦ 19h05m20s
July 04 ↗ 02:28:32 ↘ 21:31:28  ↦ 19h02m57s
July 05 ↗ 02:29:48 ↘ 21:30:12  ↦ 19h00m24s
July 06 ↗ 02:31:10 ↘ 21:28:50  ↦ 18h57m40s
July 07 ↗ 02:32:36 ↘ 21:27:24  ↦ 18h54m48s
July 08 ↗ 02:34:07 ↘ 21:25:53  ↦ 18h51m46s
July 09 ↗ 02:35:42 ↘ 21:24:18  ↦ 18h48m36s  04:03 Last Quarter
July 10 ↗ 02:37:22 ↘ 21:22:38  ↦ 18h45m17s
July 11 ↗ 02:39:05 ↘ 21:20:55  ↦ 18h41m50s
July 12 ↗ 02:40:53 ↘ 21:19:07  ↦ 18h38m15s
July 13 ↗ 02:42:44 ↘ 21:17:16  ↦ 18h34m33s
July 14 ↗ 02:44:39 ↘ 21:15:21  ↦ 18h30m43s
July 15 ↗ 02:46:37 ↘ 21:13:23  ↦ 18h26m47s

I remembered to talk to the players about the sunrise and sunset of this norwegian location, compared to Yorkshire and Scotland there are 2 more hours of sunlight for them there.

Brother Fintan explained to them that the two families he had successfully evangelized were joining for a mass and a midsummer celebration on the 23rd of June. On the 22nd, the men from the family would come to prepare the pyre, Brigid and Gerald could talk to them at that point.

The priest was busy carving his new stone cross, raising it would be the highlight of the celebration and would help tremendously in the fight against pagan beliefs.

The family heads were named Halvard and Orm. Halvard was a former pagan priest, Orm was a very strong and stout man and of higher status than Halvard. They listened to Brigid and Gerald. They agreed to give them clothes better than their current slave rags. As Brigid and Gerald explained the marine creature attacks, Halvard interrupted them and started explaining to Orm that one of his servants got attacked and seriously wounded by small devils that seemed to have taken over an old mound on his island (the two families were living on two separate islands north of Brother Fintan's island).

Our adventurers had a quick discussion, maybe the marine creature was too strong for them. They changed their mind and proposed to clean the tomb for Halvard. Receptive, the man agreed to ferry them to a more populated zone in the south if they were successful. Orm seemed happy not having to deal with the issue for his neighbour.

Brigid and Gerald also debated among themselves what they should do in the medium term. Brigid somehow escaped an arranged marriage in her native Scotland, while Gerald was already firmly in the "wandering" line of business.

They helped for the preparation of the feast, building the pyre, welcoming the two families. The celebration went well. In the following morning, a small boat was sighted, coming towards Brother Fintan's bay. They recognized the three occupants as part of the slaver team from which they had escaped. Halvard and Orm told the adventurers to hide. Brigid and Gerald kept hidden but within hearing distance. Their new norwegian friends did not betray them. The slavers seemed to inspect Brother Fintan's habitation and the tents of the two family, they shared the breakfast of the group and then left.

the mound and its double entrance

Brigid, Eowyn, and Gerald gathered their minimal gear and said bye to Alihandro, their Sámi friend. Brother Fintan seemed happy to take care of him, probably planning to take him as his discipline once his wounds were healed. Of course, the adventurers did not tell the christian priests that their half asleep friend was a spellweaver.

The family left on their two rowboats and Brigid, Eowyn, and Gerald rode with Halvard. The next day they received old round shields from their host and went to examine the mound.

At this point, we took a construction break. I described roughly to the players how the site looked like and I gave them the bags with hex pieces and planks to build the terrain. There is 1 inch (5 feet, 1.5 meters) from the center of an hex to the next. We then added the trees for the edge of the wood and square grey pieces as the slab of stones of the double entrance of the mound.

Two arrows greeted them. That first salvo went into their shields and in the trunks of the trees around them. Gerald recognized the goblin touch in the shape and craft of the arrows. Brigid spotted two archers on top of the mound, right above the double entrance.

A second volley came and Brigid took a hit in the shoulder. Gerald, robust and confident, decided to run for the entrance. he succeeded in reaching the fallen trunk right before the mound's mouth, Brigid and Eowyn followed. A third goblin archer appeared in the right entrance and fired at Eowyn, hurting her. The snipers above head fired and hit Brigid, she fell into unconsciousness.

dungeon squares on top of blue hex planks (not water ;-) )

Gerald stabbed the third archer in the entrance, there was then some parleying. the goblins asked the adventurers to leave their place of living. Gerald, helped by Eowyn took Brigid inside of the left entrance.

They could hear a fourth creature had taken position at the mouth of the right entrance, the two snipers seemed to be rounding the entrance, covering each other as they now targetted the hiding place of the adventurers.

Eowyn successfully tended her friend's wound and Brigid came back to conscience. They now were trapped in a funeral chamber. The lighting was poor, they could feel some coins and metal objects on the floor.

The session ended here. The mound examination had turned into a frontal assault and the assault bottled the adventurers into an ancient funeral chamber.