Eow Links 29

Eow Links 29

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 29.

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I am preparing a session for tonight, let me be terse with Eow today.

Just Say No to RageBait



Create Beauty

Best of the Web - Zihindia, Fantasy India

The place is filled with ruined forts and temples and shrines. They had multiple religions (Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs) living in the same region and getting along most of the time, more or less. You had bandits, hill raiders! and lots of factions and politics. And you had them all hiring as soldiers to each other (the British and the Sikh Khalsa hired soldiers from all religions and cultures). The place is ripe and I applaud Greyhawk Grognard for doing the work.

Nordic D&D with rails

This is a campaign idea. Not actual right now, as I have other games to run and play in. But maybe some day. The structure is inspired by a Chronicles of Prydain campaign by Eero Tuovinen for D&D 4.

Artist Identification

The older I get, the more convinced I become that the British fantasy gaming scene of the 1970s and '80s produced vastly more imaginative and evocative art than almost anything on this side of the Atlantic.

Hit Points replaced with ‘Usage Dice’ ?

Belorgt is a 7th level fighter and is unwounded, so use UD = D8, and to avert damage from a hitting blow they need to roll 6+ on the UD8.

So, a roll of 8 means the hitting blow is averted; so keep the same UD (6 : UD8)

However, a roll of 3 would mean a significant wound was received and they would move down one UD. They would now use UD of D6 and need 4+.

Cultural Influences on early British Role-Playing Games

I recommend keeping an eye on the #BOSR (British Old-School Role-Playing) hashtag on Twitter. There was a great thread last month trying to sort out which games fit into the BOSR (a fun but likely impossible exercise).

Complete with an Appendix N.

Review: Flipping & Turning #4

My particular highlights were - comrade Kinches 'The Wolf Never Has To Be Alone' with solid advice on not carrying the entire creative burden of DM'ing alone; the interesting discussion in Longhairs & Labyrinths by Menion, the joy of finding an actual useable recipe in Ye Olde Gruel Hut and the Real Random Encounters with its "discuss why the monster is a bad choice and this other monster would be better" among other searing truths made me laugh.

Xaosseed loots the imperial annals.

The Adventuring Party - INT, July 2021: News - Episode 653

Warhammer Plus and UK Games Expo unmasked

Guilders - A Life in Shadows

A game about thief guilds, with living NPC environments and a long campaign.

It is lifted from a nostalgia of Mordheim and the Warhammer Quest RPG book. And created from the desire to own a miniature fantasy city that is fully Baldurs Gate or Tarbean from The Name of the Wind.

Built on experience from the last 7 years full hobby focus on skirmish gaming.

The pictures are inspiring, the lasercut buildings are intriguing, but they are 19th, early 20th century for some of them, while the tone of the game seems 16th century.

Magic Weapons as Poems

Like a string of gems
Grown weak, my life will break now;
For if I live on,

All I do to hide my love
May at last grow weak and fail.

I delude myself into "poems as spells".

10 more gems from the blogosphere

As always please support the blogosphere, and let me know of any more gems in the comments.

Let's Play - 4 Vignettes and a bad poem

there aren't really any answers here, but I hope the anecdotal vignettes that follow might provide some further thoughts and discussion. It's also likely to be in two parts: both are inspired by childhood play, but the second part is perhaps more relevant within the context of street culture and children's folklore

Nice angle of attack!

More MOSAIC Strict Sets!

It's been a few months since I posted about MOSAIC Strict, but a bunch more rule sets have appeared. Too many for me to do justice to each one, but I've returned to keeping the Mosaic Strict Rule Sets spreadsheet up to date!


Basically it's that if people designed mechanically self-contained TTRPG subsystems that aren't too long, then groups can pull together a manageable set of them and have a custom game experience. So, someone might make a subsystem for car chases, and someone might make one for wrestling, and someone might make one for wilderness survival, etc

Paul Czegue


Bref, cette V2 est une proposition un peu différente. Je ne serais pas étonné qu'une partie des amateurs de la V1 rechignent devant cette proposition car leur édition préférée tournait bien et n'avait pas besoin d'une mise à jour. Mais ça reste une lecture intéressante pour mesurer ce que les auteurs ont estimé être des améliorations nécessaires. Pour les nouveaux lecteurs, moi je trouve que c'est une édition plus facile à appréhender. C'est désormais mon édition préférée, c'est cette V2 que je ne vais pas faire jouer dans les années à venir.