Eow Links 30

Eow Links 30

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 30.

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A copious list for this week. My favourite post is the one about Garage Con, because people shaping stories together at a table, away from devices.

Rolling hit points for monsters

But I was also curious about the results you would be getting from rolling hit points normally for every opponent and so I pulled up AnyDice to check.

Recovering arrows after a fight

If PCs go collecting arrows after a fight, they recover 1d10 arrows for every archer involved in the fight

Nice rule!

Artists of Appendix N: Hal Foster

The first Prince Valiant newspaper strip was published in the full-color Sunday section on February 13, 1937. Foster was 44. Within a few months, it became a full-page comic.

I am (geographically) European, but I have the impression Prince Valiant has had a certain impact on the perception of the middle ages. Keeping an eye open.

Five “Off Label” Tools for Game Masters

Prazosin is a drug used for hypertension. It is also used “off label” for nightmares. The FDA has approved Prazosin for hypertension but it has not approved it for nightmares.

Yes, History is in the list.

Overland Travel for Knave

we can devise a system where each hex travelled weighs you down with Fatigue, that respects B/X movement rates, simplifying them.

Maybe I should print fatigue markers and stack them in front of players.

Broken Luck

Inside the zine you will find mythical backgrounds, magical tarot cards, spell tables, adventure sparks, NPCs, and everything you need to spice up your Troika! game with (un)godly adventures. You can use it in combination with any preexisting sphere or as an independent setting.

I love the cover. I am looking forward to order a copy.

Grognardia - "Is It Fun?"

Simple communication will build an enjoyable and understandable world to play in. The rewards of cooperation are great; hostility and resentment are fatal to play. Remember, the object of all this is to have fun.

Again and again, fun is the goal.

Burning Wheel and What’s the Deal with Wises

Excellent, let’s test Inconspicuous. If you succeed they keep talking. If you fail, they shut up right away and will assume you’re a spy.

Building Gossamer, Part 7 – The Verdant Quarter

The Verdant Quarter is ruled by King Oberon, Lord of the Hunt, sovereign of the endless summer of Mag Mell.

What a beautiful city. In fantasy like in real life, trees make a city better.

Halberds & Helmets - Episode 36

Bugbears sneak near successfully on a 5 or 6

Beware or the Swiss will come down from the alps and take you away!

Car Chases for Libra

Chases have two groups - the Pursued and the Pursuers. The Pursuers start at the START point on the board, and the Pursuers start 1d6 spaces ahead.

That makes me want to do an hexcrawl with "ladders" (wormholes). I hope my mother and my aunt did not throw away the 1940s game of ladders in my grandmother's house. And the cigar box with pawns and dice, where is it now?

(P)Late Mail -- Kriegsmesser

When I was introduced to 40K, it seemed pretty clear that the Imperium was a Brazil-esque absurdist-fascist bureaucratic state: planets are exterminatus-ed due to clerical error; the way it stamps out rebellions is the reason why rebellions begin in the first place.

I think I left the hobby right before Warhammer hit my region. Now it's interesting to come back and discover the thing and its legacy.

Garage Con

Seriously considering a one day mini con at my place. My garage is big enough for 4 or 5 tables of games.
We've got a good pizza place & a brew pub a half mile away.
Only problem is the train.
I'd rent a port a potty.
Clean the garage.
That's how much I miss in person games.

A one day convention in a garage. Most excellent!

Review: D30 Sandbox Companion

If the measure of a book is how well book-marked it gets, then this handy accessory easily cruises into my top 10 gaming supplements. With the exception of some setting-specific guides, it is rare that something makes it into my gaming grab-bag beyond the core books.

The two D30 books are very very good. I have the impression that gamemasters are collectors of random tables. For me the more mundane the better. Zero or one spice, not more.

Movement and Combat Rounds in OD&D

I think the most essential information on movement in OD&D is in the values given in tabletop inches! It’s the first information given in the rules, and I’m convinced it should be read as the principal information.

Dune: Aventures Dans l'Imperium

L'ouvrage est d'une beauté singulière et le ton des couleurs ocre sablé est une invitation à se rouler dans l'ondulation des sable de la même palette d'un désert saharien. Si l'on est un familier de Dune, que vous ayez vu le film de David Lynch, et surtout la mini série de John Harrisson, vous trouverez que l'ouvrage "sent bon" la Dune.

Looking forward to the movie.

Tweaking the ability score modifiers for importance and impact

I like that the no modifier range of 8–13 means that fully two-thirds of all naturally rolled scores will fall into this average band, with only one-sixth of scores having a bonus and one-sixth having a penalty