"Jehan, I have an idea, I want to run the next campaign"

Imagine my joy, I'll get to be a player after all these years. Geralt has already game mastery experience but that was years ago (like me). "What do you want to run?" I asked and he answered: "I'll take the same system we use now, it will be easier, but you'll have to help me".

So tonight, the travel kit I prepared for next week will be put to use for a mini "refresh camp" tonight, right in time for a post-lockdown opening of our gathering place.

We'll go through the rule booklet, create two or three characters, and then I'll run a small fight detailing my decisions, then we'll switch roles and he'll run another small fight for me. The session will probably close with discussing character advancement, and some refereeing tips.

I am an average referee, but that doesn't absolve me from having to pass the relay and teach. I am looking forward to learn from the refereeing technique of my friend and I am certainly looking forward to the fun of going on an adventure.

Tempus fugit.

Time flies and we could only go through the creation of one character. We'll do a second session to cover combat later on. That first session brought me a lot of feedback on my homebrew rules.

My friend has hinted that he'd like to use Warhammer lore on top of those rules. Having missed all the Warhammer Fantasy hype, I am looking forward to play in such a setting, with its grim reputation.