Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse

I have spent some time last week translating random tables for generating locations. Translated it all. I feel primed now, I feel in the mood set by the tables (although slighly skewed by the translation).

Do I need the tables now? Not necessarily. In the preparation of a session, I'd use them and modify the result to suit my needs. In the session itself, since I've somehow captured the mood, my mind will just pick something and render it on the fly.

Done, post written. But.

The random tables I translated were each titled with a question. What is the name of the place? What is the local main production? A suggestion given by the author was to forget the tables and take the titles/questions and ask them in order to the players, going round the table.

That's basically using the Cadavre Exquis technique but with a single sheet of paper.

What if the technique was used at its full extent by having a sheet of paper by player (and even one for the game master).

The questions are asked in order. Each time a question is answered, the answerer folds the paper to cover their answer and then hands the shortened sheet of paper to their left. Round the table.

After the last question has been answered, the referee collects the sheets, picks one at random, or unfolds them all and selects one that they think suitable.

Random around the table.