Rings Radio Dramatization

Rings Radio Dramatization

The YouTube algorithm fed me with the Nerd of the Rings episode with Brian Sibley, I read "BBC's The Lord of the Rings (1981)" and I said to myself "What can it be?".

I was in for a pleasant surprise. Not being a native English speaker, I had never heard of this radio dramatization of The Lord of the Rings. The interview was long but quite fun and varied (the impersonations of Christopher Lee are hilarious).

There are a few comments about people listening to the tapes of the drama while on long family trips and that made me want to have a taste of that listening experience (no long family car trips for now, and no more fumbling with magnetic tapes).

I found the full trilogy on Archive.org and started listening. I'm in the Moria with them right now. It is excellent. Each sequence surprises with how the writers and the team go around the constraints of the radio drama medium and make the story breathe and talk.

Spoiler, no Tom Bombadil.