Social Combat

Social Combat

Combat is simple, 1d20 + modifier ≥ opponent AC, on a successful hit, 1dN + modifier taken from the opponent hit points.

Social combat then?

Social combat is simple, 1d20 + modifier ≥ opponent DC, on a successful hit, 1dN + modifier taken from the opponent social hit points.

Wait? What is social combat?

It is when you try to persuade an opponent, or to at least undermine it...

Wait... This can be role-played, live, at the table! It is unlike combat, which must be simulated or approximated.

You overestimate my game mastery and my acting skills. That would drain me. I cannot simulate hyper-articulate opponents, can you simulate your super-articulate character?

So you are calling it "social combat" because you want to place it parallel to "combat" and translate combat mechanisms to social combat mechanisms and be done with it?


So, social hit points, if regular combat hit points represent "grit", would grant as many social hit points as there are combat hit points?

Why not. But leave me with determining the damage points. In combat, the weapon dictates the dice rolled, and maybe there is a Strength modifier added.

OK, so if we surface some "kompromat" on an opponent, what's the damage?

Oh, you've lost me. I was thinking about something restricted to a scene, and now it's more "medium term". But why not?

What's the damage?

Let's say 1d8. The mean is 4.5...

If the opponent has, say, 13 social hit points, it means I need 3 such attacks to bring it down.

Yes, but I was thinking about social combat scoped to a scene similar in length to a combat scene... You're making me jump from combat to mass combat...

Let's face it, you're not ready with your idea.

Yes. I give in. Let's use opposed rolls.