Casus Belli 39

Casus Belli 39

Casus Belli, is the main francophone TTRPG magazine. It started in 1980 and its current iteration is the fourth one.

I received my copy #39 and here are the things in it that caught my attention.

The scenarii (modules) proposed by such a magazine, are what I look at first. What is in? What did they make of it?

"COF" and "Modern CO" are "Chroniques Oubliées" declensions. I have never tried it, I think it's a fork of 3.5 D&D. That Black Book Editions, the current publisher of Casus Belli uses to power various worlds.

That's only three scenarii, while Casus #38 has five of them. It's probably due to the issue containing two full games:

The reviews that interested me were:

I was very happy to see "Yami Monogatari" and "Sakura no Densetsu", two supplements to L'Empire des Cerisiers getting reviewed as well.

Game Wizards is presented, and there is also an interview of Jon Peterson, its author.

Casus Belli has been proposing a medieval urban setting named Laelith since 1985. This CB 39 has a surprise, it proposes ways to adapt Laelith to Shadowrun.

There is "True Sith Order" faction for Star Wars. I can't say much about it, I avoid anything Star Wars.

I am a bit disappointed by this issue. I need to take a second look at the scenario "Flowers of Alderon" and at the "Ulysse" game. The two articles around Jon Peterson are nice, I hope they will review "The Elusive Shift" at some point.