God Of Cheese Justiciar Class

God Of Cheese Justiciar Class

Portuguese warrior by Björn Landström

No, you will not find here any description, any level progression table, nor special benefit list about this God of Cheese Justiciar.

When I read a post about a new class, I always wonder, is there a life path that lead to this class? Is there a school that teaches those skills? Are there masters taking (and releasing) disciples?

One might argue that a God of Cheese Justiciar is an individual endowed their class directly by a the God of Cheese, and that would close the story. (If it could close the backstory as well...)

The longer the class name is, the longer the apprenticeship must have lasted. And this must drive the so-called character backstory.

The longer the class name is, the less portable the class is. There is probably a Fighter in many, almost all, settings. A God of Cheese Justiciar might exist somewhere, good luck placing it in your Quattrocento inspired setting.

The longer the class name, the harder it is to feed to the other players. "So, if I understood correctly, the God of Cheese set up an order to promote the consumption of cheese in the south of the empire and you are part of it?"

A character that is lovingly forged, scarred, and colourful, must at first have been a novice. The forging, scarring and the colouring will be performed by the campaign.

An older character and already colourful character could be acquired thanks to a Traveller-like "accelerator". Could we draw a parallel with online gaming where one can acquire artefacts "mined" by other players and thus equip a now superlative character?

If it implies a lengthy and very specialized apprenticeship, it is not a class, it's rather an outcome.

In my school that was young, I was a teenager playing an older twenty something character. Now that my school is old, I am an old man playing a younger twenty something. That's where my train of thought is stranded now.