Lots of Books

Lots of Books

I own lots of books. When I'll die they'll be sold, dispersed.

Each time I add a book to the collection, I think of the stack as a kind of shelter, some kind of giant shoulder, too high for me to climb and stand on, more like an accumulation of knowledge. A kernel to restart from.

One builds such a nest with the hope to that time will slow down, give the opportunity to sit down and let each spine advertise its book.

The time is not slowing down, I finish a book and snatch the next one. First or second match. I feel I am in a hurry, hurry to pick, and hurry to read it all, there are so many books that I have not yet read. Essential books.

As the years advance, there is also this feeling that it's more a shelter for books than a giant shoulder. A shelter from Fahrenheit 451.

With the books come the universes they generate. Sometimes it is also important to preserve the universe that the reading of a book generated. Sometimes it is also important to respect the universe that the reading of a book generated for someone else.

As we recover from misunderstandings, we have to recover from misinterpretations, wherever they come from.