Anno Donjoni MMXXIII

Anno Donjoni MMXXIII

Should I cast the spell and materialize the filter that blocks any #dungeon23 post? What would I miss?

the thing that worries me the most at this moment (let's worry about Skynet in a couple of years) is the amazing pile of trash that AI will bring into existence. (Condensed information in an ocean of trash)

If I set up a filter, I'll have less posts to process for my End Of Week Links, each time I discard a post based on its title, I always hear this little voice: "What if there was something to learn in there?" (and we're still in 2022).

Reading is this magical power that lets one acquire experience and knowledge from another person, and it's faster than listening. Of course, one has to go from read to understood, sooner or later.

By the way, I was looking at The Perilous Wilds, the first point in its a note on the Revised Edition is "The dungeon generation procedure (page 56) has been completely rewritten. We cannot escape dungeons (I was hoping the dungeon generation to get its own booklet, oh well, it's about Dungeon World). The wilds are just filling between the dungeons.

What if the goal is not to crawl the dungeon to its bottom but to crawl to the bottom of our imagination? It might be fun to consider the adventure as the creation and not the end product. How about setting up a page or a set of posts tracking the progress of all those #dungeon23 endeavours? Who'll go deeper, who'll make it to the end? That would be cruel.

There'll be two kinds of posts — #dungeon23 dumps and #dungeon23 reflections, and we're already seeing both pre-instances of them. There is actually a third kind of post, the #dungeon23 techo porn post. It's "tetcho", not "teko". I like those posts, they anchor the concept on paper. One chooses their kit carefully before this analog delve.

The old voice is still echoing: "you can not have meaningful campaign if strict time records are not kept", keep quiet, we're using planners, not loggers.

Back to my Ocean of Trash quote at the top of this post — Am I fearing hundreds of hobbyists dumping their megadungeon in the blogosphere or in their patreon-only newsletter? Am I fearing a dozen of hobbyists riding the algorithm and dumping effortlessly twisted megadungeons? Probably the latter. I don't mind a megadungeon that is a pile of trash as long as there is something that has been learned from the drilling of its tunnels and that has been rehashed into one or more posts.

If a computer has to be used, why not run virtual parties inside the dungeon? Run millions of adventure parties in it and see where they die? All fighters parties, die on the average at level 3. Three fighters and two clerics? Total party kill at level 6. And so on, ad nauseam, and not a single once of fun or fear felt.

And here, it's me who's lost the way.