Eow Links 4

Eow Links 4

illustration from Gallant and Bold

"Eow" for End Of Week. Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 4.

Thoughts about combat rounds in OD&D

Order of actions should not only depend on random die rolls but just as well on tactical decisions made by the players.

And A refinement to the ubiquitous initative procedure

My design intention for Declared Initiative Procedure is to highlight the chaos, danger, and desperation of combat.

I really like the mechanism Jeremy is proposing. I'll try to use it in my next game.

Age of D&D new joiners jumped ~5 yrs since 2015

Taken together this points toward a significant shift in who is coming to the game in recent years, with change accelerating since 2015. In 2000-2010 it was still 80% of people joining as a teenager. Since 2015 70% who join are adults. How come this huge switch has happened? I knew there had been a massive influx of new people since 2015 so I expected a change, certainly, but so fast and so far?

The Origins of Rule Zero

The idea that a gamemaster has the discretion to alter or discard published rules was not an invention of role-playing games: it derived from a wargaming tradition going back to the free Kriegsspiel of the nineteenth century. But role-players enshrined it as a principle that is today known as "Rule Zero"

John Grumph drawing characters

The french author was drawing characters for his Patreons.