Casus Belli 38

Casus Belli 38

I've just received my paper copy of Casus Belli 38. I already wrote about it in Narration Principal when the PDF version was made available.

When I was a kid, Casus Belli was almost my only source of information. Now, with the Internet, the magazine feels slightly out of date at each time. But scenarii and critics/opinions do not feel out of sync.

Speaking of scenarii:

There are plenty of reviews, small and large, here are the ones that I noticed:

There is a "cesspit exploration guide" that looks promising with its 20 random tables. It's meant for Laelith, the city-setting proposed by Casus Belli, but could be adapted to other settings.

There is a sandbox for Hexagon Universe placed in Fontaineblau during the german occupation. Scary.

The "Archéo-Rôlisme" column is about Shadowrun and the "Archéoludologie" one is about The Adventures of Indiana Jones. The latter didn't seem to have survived.

My favourite piece is the interview of Sophie Viger, who leads the Ecole 42. She said: "I am surprised that the Casus Belli readers do not yet know that rôlistes already control the world".