Eow Links 48

Eow Links 48

"Eow" for End Of Week. TTRPG Links I gathered during the week. This is iteration 48.

For more weekly links, head to The Seed of Worlds Shiny TTRPG link collection. There's also The Indie RPG Newsletter, and The Glatisant with its monthly links.

Most of the links below are found via the RPG Planet that Alex Schroeder built and maintains. If you have an RPG blog, please consider joining the conversation.

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My favourite is create your character with images, makes me want to write a Google Image based "draw three cards" equivalent.

On cathedrals and cooperation

The two men never worked side by side, but they cooperated across time to create an incredible building worthy of one of Christendom’s most important cities.

A Comparative Exploration of OSR RPG Systems - Into the Odd

the only core rolls in the game are saves and damage.

Engine Overview: Knave

Knave has mechanics to be an entirely player-facing game. Rolls to determine the outcome of non -combat skills works against a fixed target of 15. Or the relevant attribute of an opponent in the case of a derived stat.

Attitudes of Lower Planar denizens

This is an attempt to highlight the 'cardinal sins' of each of the Lower Planes to try and help make them feel different.

Interview with a High Level Wizard & General Address

Prince of Nothing interviewed on Small Village.

Halberds and Helmets - Episode 39

Centaurs are half horse half men, horny drunken violent creatures.

The Two Worlds of RPGs

Almost everything about the player-side of these two things is so completely alien to me, because they're just so weirdly segregated.

Materialist and Social divides.

Simple d6 Map Generator

Nice and simple! Does what the title says! Borne of a long car ride this weekend where I did some solo play and needing something to generate maps with!

Gnomes (1976) was originally a Dutch book and released in...

The book romanticizes a kind of pastoral European lifestyle that makes me suspicious — the idea that rural or semi-rural living somehow reflects a more wholesome or more true human experience rankles me.

There Are Two Bruces Inside of You - A Player's Creed

Specifically, they often need to be reminded that they can do (well, try) anything. This is an aspect of tabletop play that people often reference as unique to the form, but it's not something the reality of play always bears out.

Helveczia Role Playing Game

In our ongoing campaign I already lost two characters: a wildly mischievious italian vagabond and german priest who started as coward but ultimately became an heroic devil hunter.

Create your character – with images (Awesome is Good, pt. 2)

Now, I draw three cards from the vision cards deck. You can use tarot cards, trading cards, Everway cards, everything that gives wings to your imagination.