Highball and Dragons #3

Highball and Dragons #3

The second session of Highball and Dragons had left us in front of a gate, with a new ally, a giant made of rocks, that gave us two small stones, instructing us to strike them together to call him.

This third session started in front of the gate. We dispersed to search the clearing, keeping the gate for later, but the gate called our attention: rather someone fired arrows at us from it.

One of us was keeping scanning the surrounding and could shout to the others that the shooters were placed at the windows above the gate. Bernhard, our darkness caster, weaved a screen of unlight in front of the windows and that allowed the warriors, Tertius and Rurik, followed by Torleif, to run into the entrance.

Three goblins in dark cloaks were at work. Two kept firing at Bernhard and me (Aby), who had remained outside, in the clearing, taking cover behind some ruins. One of the goblins threw a net on the party in the entrance, it caught Torleif. Erik cast a really bright light at the goblins on their platforms while Tertius climbed the scale. One of the goblin remained while two of them jumped down. Tertius attacked it but missed, the goblin feinted, jumped down, and all three of them escaped.

We had gotten rid of the defenders of the gate and we started exploring what lay behind the threshold. At that moment, the monster riding his dragon landed in the clearing. We panicked and closed the gate...

We noticed that the gate had two corridors going left and right. The two corridors lead to doors, the left door was closed, while the right door was wide open, and it was through it that the two shooters had fled.

On the wall between the two corridors, three alcoves were placed, with, in each alcove, a pedestal. Behind the pedestals, images were carved. From left to right, a hammer, a sword, and a sun. The sun pedestal was empty, while the hammer pedestal had a fine hammer placed into it, and the sword pedestal, well you can guess.

Tertius took the hammer, it was very well made, heavy but well balanced. Tertius is the strongest of our party and he felt that all his strength was necessary to wield the weapon. Rurik, our second fighter, took the sword, liked it very much but lacked the strength to wield it with efficiently.

We went through the open door on the right and came to a room with a jail on its left side. We found Beowyn there (our player Mary), and she couldn't really remember what brought her there.

We opened the door next to the jail and found a smaller room with three bunks, and keys. The keys were the keys to Beowyn's jail. We opened to her and she joined our party.

In front of the dormitory, there was another small door. We opened it and two boars jumped at us. We had to kill them. While we were at it, we butchered them and wrapped the choice pieces in clothes for later use. There was a final third door, bigger, going deeper into the moutain. But since we were working on our supplies, we decided to take a rest, the bunks looked ok after all.

After a quick breakfast, our chaotic decision process brought us back in front of the pedestal. Rurik placed the sword back into the pedestal, two metal claws surged and locked the sword in place. Tertius took the hammer and put it back into its pedestal. Again, claws surged and locked the weapon.

Torleif decided to try his luck and weaved threads of magical light on top of the "sun" pedestal. It was the right thing to do, it opened the door on the left. We went through it, rounded a corner and faced a bridge above an abyss.

We were lucky. We crossed the bridge and it crashed right after. We were all on the other side, with a new door in front of us.

In the room behind the door, a large humanoid was cutting meat on the table at the center. There was meat being smoked in the large hearth on the left of the room. There was a door behind the butcher.

"Who are you?" "No, you, who are you?" We engaged the converstation with him and his pet mouse "Squeak". We learned he was named "Bubbles". We gave him the remainder of our boar meat, he said he was tired of eating goblin meat. We stroke a first deal with him: he'd smoke our boar meat while keeping half of it for himself.

The second deal with had with him: if we brought him 10 toenails for his pet Squeak, he would tell us a secret... He was a bit disappointed when he understood that our party of 8 (6 PCs plus Erik and Yvor) were not ready to hand him our own toenails.

The session ended here.


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